Our Newest Arrivals Are Full Of Love

Check out our new unisex fleece pullovers

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New Arrivals!

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We Love Frenchies Too!

Frenchies are our 'brothers from another mother.' We love the smooshy faces as much as we love pugs. Over the years, we have been asked if we have any Frenchie merch and finally decided to add a couple of items to our lineup.

Check out our Frenchie water bottle and unisex fleece pullover! We hope you love them.

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A Little About Us

Pepper Paisley & Co. was inspired by a little black pug named Pepper Belle. She's fiercely independent, sassy and fearless and brings so much joy into the world. Her independence and fearlessness inpsired Pepper Paisley into existence.

Pepper Paisley & Co. is a brand inspired by freedom, love and the continued pursuit of joy. 

May your days always be filled with whatever brings you joy! 

-Sylvia K

Founder, Pepper Paisley & Co.