Journal Time!!

We love journaling! There are many great reasons to journal! Journaling can help you reflect on your day, express your emotions, track your progress towards goals, develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, cultivate creativity, and reduce stress.

It can also be a great way to practice gratitude, stay organized, and increase your productivity. Journaling can provide an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, and give you the space and time to process them in a healthy way.

Grab one of our paperback journals today!

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Stay Sweet, Friends!

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A Little About Us

Pepper Paisley & Co. was inspired by a little black pug named Pepper Belle. She's fiercely independent, sassy and fearless and brings so much joy into the world. Her independence and fearlessness inpsired Pepper Paisley into existence.

Pepper Paisley & Co. is a brand inspired by freedom, love and the continued pursuit of joy. 

May your days always be filled with whatever brings you joy! 

-Sylvia K

Founder, Pepper Paisley & Co.